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Our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training is a union of the classical teachings of

Hatha Yoga and the contemporary teachings of Vinyasa Yoga.
Yoga Alliance Accredited

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Melanie, graduate

I feel confident, empowered, and grateful to Angela, Jan, and all of their guest speakers who dedicated their time and gifted us with their knowledge and passions. I feel confident to safely guide yogi's through a practice. I feel inspired to do so. I feel motivated to share all the gifts that were given to me on to others. From spiritual lectures, to anatomic lectures - I have such a solid foundation on which to build upon. I will forever be seeking more and more but couldn't have asked for a better base to start at. I am thankful beyond words for the amazing training that I went through. Even if I never teach a day in my life, the inner work that this training has given me already has been worth it. I recommend this program a million times over!!!!!!!!!

Sara, graduate

[It] was one of the best life decisions I have ever made. Jan and Angela are the absolute kindest, most knowledgeable, loving, nurturing people I know and I am honored to have trained under them. They really make the best team. Angela's expertise in the subtle body, chakras, pranayama, doshas, mudras, and her ability to weave it into her classes was truly life-changing and allowed me to tap into myself while practicing weaving it into my own classes to help others tap into their subtle bodies. Jan's knowledge of the asanas, anatomy, sequencing, assists, and verbal cues were absolutely fantastic. The two of them together made me feel like I have truly received the best training and preparation in not just being a yoga teacher of asana, but of all of the other 7 limbs as well. Not to mention I made life long friends!

Liz, graduate

Shiva Shakti is the yoga school of the future. The founders, Angela and Jan, are both true mentors - full of love and caring for each student. They take the time to give feedback, and enhance the learning environment for each student based on their needs. They have a commitment to small class sizes. Additionally, they are mindful to bring in experts in their field for advanced learning. Any student graduating from this program is a lucky one and will learn more than they might expect from the a 200-hour training program.

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