Shiva Shakti founders, Angela Rauscher and Jan Orland Go are devoted practitioners with over 30 years combined experience in the industry. Angela is trained in Hatha Yoga with a professional focus on the Chakra (energy) system and subtle body; Jan is a Registered Nurse, who is trained in Vinyasa Yoga with deeper study into biomechanics and kinesiology of yoga asana (postures). Our aim is to encourage, inspire and empower you to live life to your highest potential. The essential quality of this training is to create a balance between receiving the benefit of a deeper experience of yoga and being inspired to actively contribute the fruits of that experience to your community and the world. In this way, we evoke the energy and essence of the cosmic balance of Shiva and Shakti. We will help you to cultivate your authentic voice and share with others in a safe, comprehensive and meaningful way. This training is suitable for students who want to deepen their practice, and for those who want to become professional yoga teachers.

What makes this training program unique? 


  • 8 Limbs of Yoga (yamas, niyamas, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana, samadhi)

  • Yoga philosophy & history

  • Business of yoga

  • Selfless service (karma yoga)

  • Ayurveda & yogic lifestyle

  • Meditation techniques

  • Mantra & chanting

  • Anatomy & Physiology, Female form in Yoga Anatomy

  • Chakras, Koshas & subtle energy body

  • Self-realization and the purposeful evolution of consciousness.

  • Conscious Communication

  • Mindful sequencing

  • Hands-on & verbal assists

  • Finding your voice

  • Modifying yoga for special populations (prenatal, injury, chair, and accessible yoga)

  • Gentle & restorative yoga

  • Leadership

  • Teaching Online

Shiva Shakti is a union of the classical teachings of Hatha Yoga and the contemporary teachings of Vinyasa Yoga.
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